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Florida State Parks – Information on most all of the state parks in FL.  Annual passes are availble, making Florida’s state park system perhaps the best value in entertainment.

Wekiva Marina – One of my favorite places to go on the weekend, rent a canoe or kayak, and just spend the day on the river.  You can quickly paddle up to Wekiva Springs State Park as well, but remember your state park pass, a reduced entry fee is still required if you access from river.

News – One of my favorite sites to browse each day.  Digg is full of user submitted content, and if users like the stories that are submitted, they give it a thumbs up or “digg” it.  Sometimes the reliability of the sites posted has to be questioned, but since it’s user submitted, you get a lot of stories that you wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.  It’s GREAT for technology news.


Southwest Airlines – We’ve found this to be the cheapest airline for most all flights, but they do have a very limited selection of flights.

Priceline – Some good deals are to be had from their “name your own price”, but nothing like what their commercial’s advertise.  I’ve found that you MIGHT can get 20% off of the prices posted on their site.  The thing to remember here, is that you choose a general area, star rating, and a few other things, and lose all control over hwere you stay.  For flights, you have to be willing to shop nearby airports, ANY airline, and sometimes switch airlines at your layover.

Online Shopping

Tiger Direct – Tiger Direct has some amazing sales, sign up for their mailing list.  A lot of the stuff is refurbished, so as long as you’re okay with that, you’re sure to find something you want.

Woot – Woot’s slogan is “One Day, One Deal”.  They have limited inventory for a single item each day, although it’s not really as good as it used to be with more online retailers in the game.  Often times it’s slightly cheaper than other online sources, but you’re forced to make a rush decision to purchase.  Still has some deals you just can’t pass up though.

NewEgg – NewEgg is similar to TigerDirect, but seems to not have as good of the deals on the things that I seem to buy.  I’ve heard several people who swear by it however, and I do always check their prices before ordering off TigerDirect.


TinEye – TinEye is a reverse image search.  You upload an image and it finds other places online that the image has been found.  It’s shockingly accurate in finding even edited versions of the image.  Currently it has a small database of images, but as it grows, I bet this site is going to be a great resource. I’ve used it when I have a small version of an image and want to find a larger version for a desktop wallpaper or something else.

Pandora – Pandora is an online radio station where you can customize to your liking.  I find that after about 10-15 hours of listening, I can get a radio station pretty darn close to playing only what I like.

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