Devils – Grand Tour Setup

Dive Time– 66min Total, 62min dive time In Water– 3:51pm Out Water– 4:57pm Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco Max Depth– 104ft Visibility– 150ft+ Water Temp– 72deg Deco Schedule: 1-40ft / 1-30ft / 2-20ft Notes: Dove with Michael Gibby to do a setup dive for our midnight dive.  Placed jump @ the Expressway Tunnel,… Continue reading Devils – Grand Tour Setup

Devils- Sherwood Split

Dive Time– 96 Minutes Runtime In Water– 8:19pm Out Water– 10:16pm Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco Max Depth– 99ft Visibility– 150ft+ Water Temp– 72F.) Deco Schedule: 1min-50ft / 1min-40ft / 3min-30ft / 13min-20ft(o2) Notes: Dove with Jeff Marchand.  Same stage planning as always, 100psi off turn pressure, and half +200psi on the stage. … Continue reading Devils- Sherwood Split