Nest Learning Thermostat

I wanted to take some time to write about one of my favorite new inventions– the Nest Learning Thermostat.  I bought my first home in Dec 1012, and immediately bought a Nest Learning Thermostat.  The concept came from one of the developers on Apple’s iPod team, and completely revolutionizes the thermostat. Installation was a snap.  I had… Continue reading Nest Learning Thermostat

Theming WHMCS – It’s EASY!

After reading several people struggling to theme WHMCS, I decided that I would write a brief tutorial to attempt to emphasize how easy this is if you read the directions and think it through.  First off, modifying the default them is *not* the easiest way to do it, you’re going to beat your head against… Continue reading Theming WHMCS – It’s EASY!

Fixing “About this Mac” on an osx86 Machine

After recently building a Hackint0sh, I had an issue where my about this mac was showing an “Unknown” processor. I found this script (click) that fixes that! Here’s the before screenshot- After screenshot-

Installing Decoplanner on a Mac using Crossover (10.6.3)

OK, for a while now I’ve heard several people state that they won’t switch to a mac because deco planner isn’t compatible…here’s how. First, download crossover.  You can get this here.  Now, install crossover. Next, place the DecoPlanner install file somewhere you can easily find.  You can purchase and download it from gue’s website here. … Continue reading Installing Decoplanner on a Mac using Crossover (10.6.3)

Uploading old email to new IMAP account…the fast way!

I nearly titled this “Uploading old email to new IMAP account…the easy way!”, but I’m afraid it might not be “easy” to those of you who haven’t had much experience using command line based programs.  I certainly prefer the GUI, but after hours of trying to get Thunderbird to upload the email, I gave up. … Continue reading Uploading old email to new IMAP account…the fast way!

Formatting Phone Number and Fixing User Input With PHP

Recently I was writing a franchise module for a shopping cart software that required franchise owners to input their phone number.  I’ve ran into the problem where no matter what instructions I’ve given, the franchise owners consistently like to format the phone number in their own unique way.  Rather than add 3 text boxes to… Continue reading Formatting Phone Number and Fixing User Input With PHP

Enom Outage…

If anyone is seeing their website not working, or website up but email down, etc, several people in twitter have posted that ENOM is having outages issues.  We currently have 273 domains registered through ENOM and we’re seeing the same issues as everyone else on most every domain.  I’ve placed the correct IP addresses into… Continue reading Enom Outage…

Over troubleshooting the problem…grr!

So last night I changed a client’s DNS over around 8pm. For those of you who aren’t familiar, DNS settings are somewhat like physical mail address settings in that if I want to go to our office, I type in 1802 N Alafaya Trail into my GPS, just as I type in to get… Continue reading Over troubleshooting the problem…grr!