Niagra Falls Canadian Side

This weekend Kaitlin and decided to use a Groupon for the Travelodge Niagara Falls Bonaventure that a friend gave her before it expired.  We hopped on a 2:05pm JetBlue flight out of MCO and arrived on time just 2 hours later into BUF International Airport, then picked up our rental car from Avis.  This was my first time using Avis, who doesn’t charge an under 25 fee if you use a corporate rental code.  We grabbed our rental car and within about 15 minutes of landing were heading out of the airport.

The drive to the border was quick, with light traffic the whole way and took around 30 minutes because of the traffic.  Getting across was very fast (3-4 cars ahead of us) compared to what I was used to at airports, and we were asked the typical questions that are on your customs form, where are you going, why, how long, etc.  After that, we headed to the hotel to check in, and then went to Mick & Angelo’s for dinner.  Mick & Angelo’s was very reasonably priced and had decent food.  We then headed towards the falls.

Tonight was the last night of the summer fireworks, and it was cold and rainy so attendance was less than stellar.  Because of the rain, I couldn’t quite get the angle I wanted for the photos, so some of the fireworks images you’ll see are cut off.