1324 miles of roadtrip fun…Liberty Bowl UCF vs UGA!

After a great season for those of us who are Knights, we won the CUSA title and got the Liberty Bowl invite. Several friends from college decided to caravan up to Memphis to watch our Knights beat UGA, 10-6. We left after I got off work on a Wednesday afternoon, hitting the road around 7pm in an effort to make it somewhere near half way.  We stopped at a cheap looking motel in Birmingham Alabama, checked in, and then grabbed some food at a local TGI Fridays.  More research about which areas of town to stay in wouldn’t have been a bad thing in this case, police sirens echo’ed all night, thank goodness for Springfield’s portable XD40 alarm system!

We got into Memphis after waking up early the next morning for another long drive  in time to stay at the Days Inn near Graceland.  The hotel isn’t terrible, especially considering how run own everything else in the area is, but we agreed that if we go next year, it’d be worth it to spend the extra money and stay at the Westin on Beale St.  After checking in, we immediately headed towards Beale St. where the pep rally, parade, and other festivities were going on.  UGA fans made for a great atmosphere, and after the pep rally, there were more UCF fans left than UGA (I assume this is because UCF is a younger crowd).