Tubing @ Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Well, I finally got my old car working again…for those of you that don’t know, I recently bought a 2009 Caliber because my old 2003 Stratus had some issues.  The most pressing one (and really the only one I need to fix before the sale), was that the drivers side rear hub assembly needed replacing, as the bearings were completely shot.  Ryan Hennessy came over and helped me with this on Friday night, so after Whitney got off work Sunday, we headed to my parents place to take the car up there so they could help me sell it.

After we woke up Sunday, Whitney, my mom, and I headed to the Ichetuknee River to go tubing.  It was a really hot day, which is always good, because I didn’t freeze while going down the river.   I bought a family state park pass for $86, which was good, because as of July 1st, they’re going up to $125+.  Tubes are still around $5-$8 to rent from roadside vendors, so it’s still a really good deal for a weekend trip!