St Augustine – Valentine’s day

Well Whitney and I decided to go to St. Augustine for Valentine’s Day.  We went to the Castillo De San Marcos National Park ( link ) to start the day.  We got to witness the demonstrations for firing the old Muskets.  After that, we went and walked around downtown St. Augustine to kill some time while waiting for the canon firing demonstration time.  During that time we had lunch at Scarlett O’Hara’s ( link ) which was good food and reasonably priced.  Whitney likes seeing the architecture of old churches, so we stopped by one of them before heading back to the fort for the canon firing.  The canon firing was neat,  and I got a few images.  Since the rain was coming, we had to do something indoors, so we decided to go tour the Old Jail ( link ).  The tour guides there are AWESOME and work very hard to keep you entertained, we both had a blast. After that, we did a seafood dinner near one of the inlets overlooking the water which was really tasty and had a great view, although we had to eat inside due to rain :-/.

Little River – Full Cave Class – Shortcut & Mud Tunnels to the Florida Room

Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco
Max Depth
– 101ft
Avg Depth
– 90ft
Visibility– 75ft+
Water Temp– 72F
Deco Schedule:

Third dive of full cave class.  To avoid giving Rich’s class away, I wont go into much detail here.  I placed all the jump spools in, and lead this dive.  I did have a real light failure, and the superbowl was later that night, so we postponed finishing the class until the next weekend.  I hate this cave, and it must hate me back…this was my worst dive in a long time, and it happened during class 🙁

Little River - Dive 3 of Full Cave