Theming WHMCS – It’s EASY!

After reading several people struggling to theme WHMCS, I decided that I would write a brief tutorial to attempt to emphasize how easy this is if you read the directions and think it through.  First off, modifying the default them is *not* the easiest way to do it, you’re going to beat your head against… Continue reading Theming WHMCS – It’s EASY!

Jug Hole – A cave too short…

Today Andreas and I headed off to Ichetucknee Springs State Park to dive Jug Hole.  Since this cave has a few restrictions, we had to dive side mount.  Andreas brought his camera along and got a few good photos, which I’ll try to post up here later.  We were hoping to explore a few going… Continue reading Jug Hole – A cave too short…

Peacock Springs – The Crypt

After a few weeks out of the water (drysuit zipper was being replaced), it was time to get some cave diving in!  I had been talking with Heather about a NAUI Tech 1 course, and had both agreed to meet up for a familiarization dive with each other before class since we hadn’t dove together,… Continue reading Peacock Springs – The Crypt

Mainland and Sweet Surprise Circuit @ Ginnie Springs

After having swam the Mainland and Sweet Surprise tunnels  a few times, I had still not done the crossover tunnel, which connects the two.  Circuits aren’t necessarily all that appealing to me, I’ve only done one of them outside of training before today, but Allen has been talking this one up to me for a… Continue reading Mainland and Sweet Surprise Circuit @ Ginnie Springs