Diving off the Fort Lauderdale, FL coast

After a late night drive down to Fort Lauderdale, we woke up early to stop by Brownies dive shop to get my doubles filled, then headed to the dock, where we met up with Bill Mee, George Irvine, Matt Cain and Dan Volker for some recreational scooter dives.  For our first dive, we headed out to the Goodyear reef area, a place where someone thought that dumping used tires would make for an artificial reef.  There really weren’t many fish here, just tires in the sand, so we scootered east towards the 3rd ledge, but along the way a gear failure caused us to have to abort the dive a bit early.  After loading back up in the boat, we headed towards the 2nd ledge so the kids could swim and snorkel.  We grabbed our scooters and headed to the water, enjoying almost an hour of scooter free diving before heading in due to a storm.  All in all a fun day on the water with excellent company.

My first time at Eagles Nest

We decided to stay local at the Best Western the night before so that Heather and Brian could hit the road quickly, as they had a very long drive ahead of them, and it was nearly 3 hours back to Orlando for me.  Up at 7am, we were able to grab snacks for breakfast from Winn-Dixie and then be at the dive site before the heat.  The basin visibility wasn’t great, but once we dropped down the chute things got quite a bit better, visibility was easily 50-75ft!  I had heard all the noise, but didn’t realize how amazing this system really is.  Huge white walled rooms and large breakdown litter the cave.