Peacock Springs – The Crypt

After a few weeks out of the water (drysuit zipper was being replaced), it was time to get some cave diving in!  I had been talking with Heather about a NAUI Tech 1 course, and had both agreed to meet up for a familiarization dive with each other before class since we hadn’t dove together,… Continue reading Peacock Springs – The Crypt

Peacock Springs – Watersource Tunnel

Today Stacey and I went to the Watersource tunnel in Peacock Springs since it was just recently reopened due to flooding.  I had assumed that this would provide clear water, however I didn’t think about the fact that this tunnel is almost always nasty, and was even worse after the flooding! Breathing Gas– 32% Backgas… Continue reading Peacock Springs – Watersource Tunnel

Peacock Springs- Olsen Loop

Dive Time– 70 Minutes. In Water– 3:49pm Out Water– 4:59pm Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco Max Depth– 69ft Visibility– 30-50ft Water Temp– 70(F.) Notes: This dive was our graduation dive for apprentice…..nice and relaxing with no drills.  I lead the dive, and since we didn’t have a primary (it was on the peanut… Continue reading Peacock Springs- Olsen Loop

Peacock Springs – Pothole Line

Dive Time– 42 Minutes. In Water– 4:13pm Out Water– 4:55pm Breathing Gas– 32% Avg Depth– 48ft Max Depth– 66ft Visibility– 3-5ft Basin / 30-50ft in cave Water Temp– 70(F.) Notes: Mainline to around p1000ft.  Swam past double arrows marking the equal distance point between Olsen Sink and Peacock Springs, which are at 700ft.  Viz has… Continue reading Peacock Springs – Pothole Line

Peacock 1- Goldline to Olsen

Dive Time– 77 Minutes. In Water– 11:13am Out Water– 12:30pm Breathing Gas– 32% Avg Depth– 39ft Max Depth– 67ft Visibility– 50ft Water Temp– 70(F.) Notes: First dive with Mike McAuliff.  Mike had posted on CDF that he wanted to get some practice in on his rebreather, and I had nothing to do that Monday, so… Continue reading Peacock 1- Goldline to Olsen