Peacock Springs- Olsen Loop

Dive Time– 70 Minutes.
In Water– 3:49pm
Out Water– 4:59pm
Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco
Max Depth– 69ft
Visibility– 30-50ft
Water Temp– 70(F.)

This dive was our graduation dive for apprentice…..nice and relaxing with no drills.  I lead the dive, and since we didn’t have a primary (it was on the peanut side), I used a spool to tie into the gold line.  We swam up pothole, stopping at pothole to show Ryan and Brian the bones and sink since they hadn’t been in this cave before.  We then proceeded up stream, where we found our spool about 100ft from Olsen.  Ryan was last, and pulled the spool (since he placed it on the previous dive), and we proceeded down the crossover tunnel, where the viz was still somewhat poor from the breather team earlier.  Once we reached our spool leading to the peanut line, Brian pulled it, and we went back down the peanut line, with a somewhat fast pace so we could get out of the water by 5pm.

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