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Peacock 1- Goldline to Olsen

Dive Time– 77 Minutes.
In Water– 11:13am
Out Water– 12:30pm
Breathing Gas– 32%
Avg Depth– 39ft
Max Depth– 67ft
Visibility– 50ft
Water Temp– 70(F.)

First dive with Mike McAuliff.  Mike had posted on CDF that he wanted to get some practice in on his rebreather, and I had nothing to do that Monday, so we agreed to meet up early at Dive Outpost and then head to Peacock Springs State Park.  Used 700psi penetration gas to get all the way to Olsen, the way Peacock ha such low flow, it’s amazing how far you can get and how long you can stay down on just backgas.  I really liked how the cave looks after pothole, it gets much larger, with dome’ed ceilings, and a few swim throughs.  As usual, there was basically no flow, and most of the cave was very silty.

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