Installing Decoplanner on a Mac using Crossover (10.6.3)

OK, for a while now I’ve heard several people state that they won’t switch to a mac because deco planner isn’t compatible…here’s how.

First, download crossover.  You can get this here.  Now, install crossover.

Next, place the DecoPlanner install file somewhere you can easily find.  You can purchase and download it from gue’s website here.  After installing crossover, setup.exe will have a crossover icon, like this-

Double click the setup.exe and you’ll be greeted by the following screen. The default settings work, so leave them and press “install”-

You’ll see the progress bar for several minutes…never fear, it WILL eventually finish, but you’ll think it’s hung up because it takes so long.

Finally, you’ll see the DecoPlanner setup launch.

Run through the normal setup process leaving ALL OPTIONS DEFAULT, and you’ll be greeted with this-

Next, run and enjoy 🙂