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Enom Outage…

If anyone is seeing their website not working, or website up but email down, etc, several people in twitter have posted that ENOM is having outages issues.  We currently have 273 domains registered through ENOM and we’re seeing the same issues as everyone else on most every domain.  I’ve placed the correct IP addresses into my etc/hosts file and I’m seeing everything correctly.  Our support technicians over at RackSpace have confirmed that they’re seeing the same thing.  If you’re seeing this, good luck reaching ENOM support, I’m just getting a busy signal.

I guess the only “fun” thing to come of this is having angry clients call and getting to calm them down.  I’m not sure why I enjoy it, but there’s something very rewarding about having someone upset with you when you start the phone call, and thank you by the time you get done.

Edit– ENOM posted an update on their twitter account, but seemingly can’t post one on their homepage.  That’s TERRIBLE customer service!  Screen shots below.   At least we know something now, I guess we’ll lead by example and do a mass email to our clients explaining what happened, and post an alert on our homepage.

12:06pm – “We are currently managing through a DDOS attack. All resources are focused on solving this issue ASAP. More updates shortly.”
12:25pm- “Customers should begin to see a significant improvement in services. We are still addressing some remaining issues. More updates pending”

Another interesting tidbit is that their outages page doesn’t reveal the info their twitter account does.

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