Devils – Grand Tour Setup

Dive Time– 66min Total, 62min dive time
In Water– 3:51pm
Out Water– 4:57pm
Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco
Max Depth– 104ft
Visibility– 150ft+
Water Temp– 72deg
Deco Schedule: 1-40ft / 1-30ft / 2-20ft

Dove with Michael Gibby to do a setup dive for our midnight dive.  Placed jump @ the Expressway Tunnel, about p600ft on mainline off to the right.  The expressway is a marked jump on the right of the two lines that you’ll see just to the right of the double arrows…the left is the mud tunnel.  About half way through the expressway, there’s a marked jump off to the right, which we took.  Be sure to drop an arrow or non directional marker for yourself if you take this route, as the arrows all point towards junction rock, which is technically the fastest way out, but not an option since you haven’t verified that the line is in tact, and there wouldn’t be a continuous guideline leading to the surface anyways, as that’s a jump off of mainline.  From there, we got on the big/bone room line.  We continued to the mainline, where we left the reels in place.  I was nearing 1/3rds, so I dropped a cookie and thumbed the dive right at mainline and exited the path that we entered, with only a light decompression requirement for exiting.

Devils Ear- Tour of the Big Room

Dive Time– 84 Minutes.
In Water– 10:53pm
Out Water– 12:17am
Breathing Gas– 32%
Avg Depth– 63ft
Max Depth– 101ft
Visibility– 60-70ft
Water Temp– 71(F.)

Met with Fred Smith at CEE, and we got our tanks topped off.  We then proceeded to Ginnie, and geared up near Turkey Roost.  Fred let me choose where I wanted to go, and that was the big room.  I had seen the tail end of it from the goldline near the maple leaf, but wanted to see the whole thing.  We took the jump right after the Cornflakes, and made it all the way to the maple leaf before we hit 1/3rds.  We could have taken the goldline home, but that wasn’t part of our dive plan, so we took teh longer route and came back via the big/bone room.