Devils- Double Domes via Roller Coaster and Hillier Tunnel

Dive Time– 130 Minutes.
In Water– 12:57pm
Out Water– 3:07pm
Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco
Max Depth– 104ft
Visibility– 150ft in front of cave, slightly under 100 near Double Domes
Water Temp– 72(F.)

After not getting to bed until 5am due to our Ice Room Dive, we got off to a late start. We headed to Cave Excursions East to fill our Doubles, Stages, and Deco Gas up.  After a quick fill, we were off to Ginnie.  I was really excited about this dive, as our previous stage dive had gone so well.

Our plan was simple, I ran the reel in, and we dropped our deco gas at the sign.  Then we breathed the stage to 1700psi (half+200) and dropped it in the area of the mud flats where there’s some really nice rock to avoid damaging the clay in that area.  From there, I installed the Roller Coaster jump, and lead until we got to the short cut tunnel, where Daniel placed the jump and lead the rest of the way.  From there, we got to the bats, installed a jump, and took a right towards the Hillier tunnel.  The Hillier tunnel spits you out on the Dome Room line, but the line ends about 1ft away from the Dome Room.  Visual jumps just don’t seem like a great idea to me at this time, so we installed the jump reel, even though it’s only 1ft.  From there, we took a left, and that puts us in the Dome Rooms.  We quickly flushed the dome with air, and got up to talk to each other for a second or two, where we both exclaimed THIS IS AWESOME!  The Dome Rooms are my favorite part of Ginnie to date!  We picked up the pace on the way back, but still had about 20-25minutes of o2 deco.

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