Wilson Springs – Almost a river cave…

After getting to bed late and then having to get up early, I drag myself out of bed, throw the gear in the car, and head to subway for a breakfast sandwich.  Kevin meets me there, and then we head over to the spring.  Kevin had rented a house near this place, and knew several land owners, so gaining access wasn’t as difficult as one would imagine.

A few weeks back, the surface visibility wasn’t stellar, and to be honest, it really hasn’t improved much since then, even with other low flow systems that are near the river (like Peacock Springs) now clearing.  Even with poor viz, we decided to get into the system and at least do a familiarization dive.

The line was still run out into open water, so no primary was needed, although we did bring a primary just in case any lines were in need of repair.  The first 400ft of this cave doesn’t have knotted line in it, however the lines after that are knotted.  Fortunately we didn’t come across any broken line, however the line was buried and had gone limp in several places, so we tied a knot to take up the slack, or tied off again when we could.

Our total dive time was under 1hr, with the majority of it spent at 100ft.  We got about 800-1000ft into the system I would guess, taking the right side of each T.  At the first T, the left side is smaller and shorter than the right, but they both meet up again at the second T, where we continued on into the cave.

Here’s a few videos, and then a gallery-
(we both have 21w HID’s in this one, for perspective)

Kevin Leading The Way from James Garrett on Vimeo.

Neat formation in some random spring in FL. from James Garrett on Vimeo.

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