Out on the Suwannee….

Today Jeff Marchand and I decided to take the boat out from the Royal Springs boat ramp and go see one of my favorite caves.  We went about 1/4 mile down river and geared up.  We added arrows every 100ft into the system, and easy task since the line was all knotted.  We only got to p900ft before a nice size rock fell on Jeff’s head and he wanted to get out….fast.  On the way out, we saw a side passage at about 200ft from the first sink.  I grabbed a spool and headed down to explore.  Having to take a tank off, I knew it was tight, and I could see the viz degrade quickly, but about 50ft in the cave clearly opened up.  Once I got to the more open section, my hose o-ring extruded and gas went everywhere, causing my startled self to stir up silt, and the exit took FOREVER.  Lesson learned, keep a better eye on line quality!

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