Off to a hole in the woods…

Today Jeff and I had planned to hit up a spring near Wakulla, but the landowner is no longer allowing access, so we were able to take things slow and get a late start to our day.  This was a sinkhole which neither of us had dove before, but we knew it was gorgeous from photos. Ben has taken some excellent underwater shots, which can be found here.

This was one of those sinks that really makes you think about pollution.  It’s right by a major road in Tallahassee, and the land surrounding it is being used to dump all sorts of garbage.  If you recognize this site and decide to dive it, please be very careful, as homeless people are living here, littering the place with needles, beer bottles, liquor bottles, and various other trash.  Due to the pristine nature of this site, and how fragile it is, I’m going to limit my blog post to only surface photos.

Upon surfacing, we were greeted by four homeless people, three of which showed warning signs that they were on “meth”, and all 4 drunk. We were as nice as we could possibly be, but hurried back to the truck where we could take full advantage of our 2nd amendment right to protect ourselves.  They were very friendly, but I’m completely unfamiliar with drugs, so I didn’t know if they could become violent or turn on us.

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