Convict Springs – Doin’ it once to say you’ve done it…

Convict Springs is located at the River Rendezvous campground.  The people who own this are very friendly, and allow diving here free as long as you can prove side mount experience and full cave and sign their liability waiver during business hours.  Since it is free, if you choose to dive here, please at least eat something from their store, or tip them so that they continue to see some benefit in allowing cave diving.

The dive was tough to shoot video.  We decided to let Jeff Marchand be the lead diver, so that he could do all the gaps where the line has gone under the sand, as well as mark all the T’s for us.  This wasn’t the best decision, as the site is way too silty to have 3 divers in the cave at once.  I’ll at least post the video that I was able to gather, Michael Gibby is the diver in front of the camera.

Another Florida Spring from James Garrett on Vimeo.

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