Devils- Sherwood Split

Dive Time– 96 Minutes Runtime
In Water– 8:19pm
Out Water– 10:16pm
Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco
Max Depth– 99ft
Visibility– 150ft+
Water Temp– 72F.)
Deco Schedule: 1min-50ft / 1min-40ft / 3min-30ft / 13min-20ft(o2)

Dove with Jeff Marchand.  Same stage planning as always, 100psi off turn pressure, and half +200psi on the stage.  I placed the jump to Hill 400.  We stopped and placed a jump reel in the Wormhole so we could hit that on the way back, and then I lead to the siphon tunnel jump, installed that, and then installed the jump to double lines.  I then followed Jeff up until the Sherwood split jump, where we only made it about 100ft (not quite to the first T) before I had to call the dive on gas.  We looked around on the way back, dropping cookies around passages that we think might go further, but didn’t explore very far back into there.  On the way back we went down wormhole, and then hurried out of the cave to limit deco, as I had to get home to do some work. First dive with my TLS350 and Weezle undergarments, and I was surprisingly warm!

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