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Devils- To the Bats

Dive Time– 84 Minutes.
In Water– 10:53pm
Out Water– 12:17am
Breathing Gas– 32%
Avg Depth– 63ft
Max Depth– 101ft
Visibility– 60-70ft
Water Temp– 71(F.)

Brian Richardson and I dove late on a friday night the day before the UCF dive club event, and stayed with my parents.  We went to Amigo’s Dive center for fills, and then headed to Ginnie.  We arrived around 10pm, and then got ready to dive.

Our dive plan consisted of entering via the Eye, since there was a tarp out over the ear due to recent floods, and then follow the temporary guideline to the goldline, where we would penetrate around 700-800ft, and then take the jump to the roller coaster.  From there, we would go to the end of the rollercoaster, and take one last jump to the bats.  I have attached the dive profile at the bottom of this post.

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