Jailbreaking my iPhone

So I finally took the time to research how to jailbreak my iPhone a few weeks back, and I thought that I would make a post on some of the cool apps that you can get from a jailbroken iPhone that you can’t get from the apple store.  Mine was jailbroke using tools found here.

Cydia is the “hacked iPhone’s” replacement to the app store.  While the app store remains fully functional, Cydia allows users to search far more apps, as you bypass the fees that Apple charges to let programmers sell their software within Apple’s app store, and also allows you to get blocked apps, suck as GV Voice, which I’ll discuss later.

Cydia iPhone App

This is perhaps the most useful app that I’ve found.  You simply swipe your finger across the top of your iPhone’s display and it lists several frequently accessed settings that you can flip on/off with a single touch, much easier than going through a series of settings menu.  Most helpful is the ability to turn off 3g when I’m on campus, since we have Wifi, no need to waste the battery.
SB Settings iPhone App

GV Mobile
GV Mobile enables you to use your Google Voice account to text message free, as well as place calls.  The nice part about this, is that it prevents people from seeing your real phone number.  This is helpful to those of us who have 2 or more phone numbers, as limiting everyone to only your Google Voice number empowers you to switch which phone all calls go to, screen calls, receive SMS via the internet, as well as block certain numbers at certain times of day.

GV Mobile iPhone App

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  • November 12, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Android phone: No jailbreak needed. Just my 2 cents.

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