Ginnie Springs – Scooter to the White Room & Wonder Tunnel (yes, I’m that lazy)

Met with Jeff around 9pm after I got off work and had to fight Orlando traffic.  Once we got signed in it was off to the Devil’s pavilion to get geared up.  As soon as we got in the water Jeff’s UV26 had the prop spin off because the clutch had cracked.  Since we knew this dive was easy to do within overall 1/3rds, I just towed him to the Wonder Tunnel/White Room to save time and energy.  Took some video on this dive since I haven’t been doing that for the blog recently.

Swimming from the Bone Line to the White Room

Heading towards the White Room in Ginnie Springs from James Garrett on Vimeo.

Barrel Roll Practice-

Scootering fun near the park bench from James Garrett on Vimeo.

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