Ginnie Springs- Ballroom

Dive Time– 31min
Breathing Gas– 32%
Max Depth– 50ft
Visibility– 100ft+
Water Temp– 72(F.)

Dove with the UCF Club in the ballroom.  Whitney’s first time diving a bp/w which Rich was nice enough to loan her.  After a few attempts at getting the weighting correct, we were off!  Went all around the ballroom, and finally exited once one of the guys hit 1/3rds.

Ginnie- The Ballroom

Dive Time– 56 Minutes.
Breathing Gas– 32%
Max Depth– 102ft
Visibility– 60-70ft
Water Temp– 71(F.)

Dove this one with the UCF Dive club.  AJ Brian and myself were in search of a rumored “Grate Bypass” that someone had posted about on line (click here), and we believe we found it.  I’ve included a map with the area pointed out below.  This dive was also interesting because there were no less than 25 open water dives in the ballroom.  It was the first time I’d dove with divers not cavern/cave trained in almost a year.