Devils- Whale Bone and Parallel Lines

Dive Time– 85 Minutes Runtime
In Water– 12:17am
Out Water– 2:08am
Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco
Max Depth– 100ft
Visibility– 150ft+
Water Temp– 72F.)
Deco Schedule: 1min-50ft / 3min-40ft / 3min-30ft / 10min-20ft(o2)

Dove with Jeff Marchand.  Same dive plan as usual, reserve 300psi of backgas and a stage to 1/2+200.  I placed all the jumps, and Jeff would run a primary reel once we got in double lines to the whale bone.  The p1000 marker on Hill400 gives the siphon tunnel jump away, and the put in the floor lets you know when to run the primary off to your left towards the whale bone.  Once we saw the Whale Bone, we took the left at the Y nearby, and continued until I turned the dive because it was tighter than I was comfortable with.  On the way back, we hit the p800ft entrance to parallel lines.  After deco, we played with stages and a stage leash (as pictured).