Telford Springs

Breathing Gas
Max Depth
Avg Depth
Visibility– 50ft on the way in, 15-20ft on the way out.
Water Temp– 72F
Dive Time:

Received a free boat ride up the  Suwannee River from Cave Excursions West during their REACT party, which is a great place to get cheap gear, a free meal, and meet several cave divers!  I lead the dive, and Stacey followed.  The guys at Cave Excursions had already placed a primary reel for everyone to use during the party, as well as placed the gap reels in the two nearby sinks where the gold-line breaks.  I’m not exactly sure where we ended up, but it’s very easy to describe, as Telford is one of the most changing caves that I’ve seen!  One thing is for sure, you can tell that Telford isn’t dove often, as it’s VERY silty, and exiting is always done with less visibility than entering.  This time it wasn’t as bad as last year.  We also got to make it quite a bit further in than last year, maybe an extra year of experience helps here :-P!  We made it to an area where the cave gets very black, with rock that branches off quite a bit, similar to the double lines area of Ginnie, except far darker.  Shortly after that, the cave got very low, with pristine white columns from the ceiling all over the place, similar to the Olsen (Pothole) line in Peacock, aside form the height, and there were also several more formations.  From talking to other cave divers, it sounds like we nearly made the first T.  I certainly would take a stage to Telford this time, as the cave changes so much, and it’s so shallow, you really could use more time to enjoy it!

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