Washington DC Trip – Day 1

Today we had to be up early to get to the airport, and after searching for the remote parking lot, we finally parked and caught the shuttle to the airport.  We boarded our flight at 9am which would take us to Raleigh, NC for a transfer, and then off to Baltimore airport.

Once we got to Raleigh, I overheard something about a delayed flight over the loudspeaker, so Whitney and I walked over to ask what that was about.  Southwest offered us $400.20 to stay for 2 hours and take the next flight into Baltimore, because they had overbooked our flight.  Since we really had no plans for the night other than going to dinner, and we knew we could use the travel voucher for a trip later this year, we agreed.

Once we got to the airport, we caught the courtesy shuttle to our hotel (link) and took a quick nap.  Then we took the courtesy shuttle back to the airport, and rode the Light Rail into the harbor (link).  We ate outdoors as the weather was awesome.

On the way back suddenly we saw about 50 cops chasing two guys…not quite sure what was going on there.  Then we saw a helicopter go up, and then a large portion of the roads were blocked off.  I looked in the Baltimore newspaper and couldn’t find anything about this, I guess this isn’t “news” for Baltimore lol…


  1. you forgot to mention i almost gave you a concussion when i closed the trunk…. :-p

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