Washington DC Trip – Day 2

Today we woke up a bit behind schedule and rushed to the airport.  We caught the Amtrack into Washington DC, which was a short trip, pretty cheap ($18) and surprisingly comfortable.  That took us to Union Station, where we purchased a rail pass, and would use the subway for transportation the rest of the day.

Our first stop was the National Zoo (link).  We were in a hurry to see quite a bit, and we could go to zoos in FL, so we didn’t spend much time time there, just went as quickly as possible to the animals that we wanted to see.  One thing was for sure, the zoo is a lot easier to walk through in Florida, where there aren’t hills all over the place!

The next stop was the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (link).  We were too late in the day to see the permanent exhibit, as all of the tickets had been given out, so we walked around the temporary exhibits.  It was interesting to me seeing how the photography differs depending on the source (Nazi or Anti-Nazi), and what message they were trying to convey.

After that, we went to the Smithstonian Museum of Natural History (link).

Our final place we had to get to other than the memorials (which are open at night) was Arlington (link).  We stayed to watch a complete changing of the guard ceremony, which I shot several photos of, and Whitney recorded a video of, which I’ll post if I can find a wordpress plugin for video.

After Arlington closed, we headed back to the monuments and took a few pictures, then headed home and ordered Dominoes before going to bed.


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