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Cow Springs – Mainline to 1400ft

Breathing Gas– 32% Travel / 100% Deco
Max Depth
– 103ft
Avg Depth
– 70ft
Visibility– 75ft+
Water Temp– 70F
Dive Time: 71min

Met Stacey at her place and carpooled over to Dive Outpost to get the key.  Despite a few issues getting in the water, we had a great dive.  Unfortunately my doubles were only at 3100psi, so even with a stage, we only made it about 1400ft.  Running a primary reel while pushing a stage ahead of you isn’t nearly as easy as I’d hope.  For some reason the mainline seems to be run in less than ideal places, sometimes you can swim 5ft off mainline and be in a much larger area where you won’t bang your tanks, something to look out for if you’re backmount like me.

Cow SpringsCow Springs

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