Royal Springs – It’s just as crappy of a dive as you’ve heard it is…

Breathing Gas– 32%
Max Depth
– 46ft
Avg Depth
– No idea, I couldn’t see my bottom timer half the dive
Visibility– 0ft after, maybe 30ft to begin
Water Temp– 72F
Dive Time: 39min

Dove with Jeff Marchand just to see if this place is as bad as people make it out to be…it is.  The cave looks a lot like Little River in color, without hardly any damage.  The silt is insane, on the floor and ceiling.  There are plenty of other dives in the area to do without resorting to this one.  We got about 200ft into the system and turned because it was small (barely backmount even for good viz), and the extreme silt.

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