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Cow – Mainline to p.1200

Dive Time– 61 Minutes.
Breathing Gas– 32%
Max Depth– 106ft
Visibility– 50ft
Water Temp– 70(F.)

Stopped by Cathy’s and joined the nss-cds so I could dive Cow Springs with Brian.  Membership was $35, and includes a subscription to the NSS and NSS-CDS magazines, not to mention all of their caves.  This was my first time at Cow, so Brian went first, since he had been there before.  I was amazed at how pristine this dive was!  There are 3 tough restrictions to get through, by far each of them was the tightest I had been in.  On the way out, I had my right post roll half way off!  There is a tow rope upstream to help preserve the cave, as you can pull with that rather than pulling the rocks, which were nearly all black!  The clay banks are BEAUTIFUL, minus a few retards who have vandalized them.

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