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Jackson Blue- Horseshoe Circuit

Dive Time– 68 Minutes.
In Water– 2:25pm
Out Water– 3:33pm
Breathing Gas– 32%
Max Depth– 90ft
Visibility– 150ft+
Water Temp– 68(F.)

Training dive for NACD Apprentice with Jeff Bauer.  Did the simple horseshoe circuit. Installed the jump reel on the close side first, and then went further on the gold line until the far side, when we tied in, and made the circuit back to the gold line.  Pulled the reel, and went back up the gold line, just far enough to pull the other jump reel.  Jeff commented that I had a fin slip and stir up the bottom.  He also killed my light, and had me switch from my primary to a backup.  I forgot to swap position from the back of the team to the middle.  Fortunatly Ryan and Brian were on top of it, and both noticed my light dissapear, so we had excellent team communication.  After turning the dive, we did a lost line drill in the breakdown room (I’ll post video of that later).

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